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Back-to-School Driving Tips for Keeping Kids Safe

Summer brain drain is a real issue with students, but sometimes it even affects drivers on the road when faced with traffic and busses. Follow these back-to-school driving tips as we shift into August and school swings back into session.

Slow Down & Come to Full Stops

Defensive driving is key during back-to-school season, so make sure to go the speed limit and come to complete stops, especially when you are driving in neighborhoods or a school zone.

Watch For Bikes

Give children on bikes at least three feet of space on the road. They are much less experienced than their adult counterparts and, as a result, are unpredictable. Likewise, if your child rides a bicycle to school, make sure they wear a helmet.

Be Cautious In Reverse

Drivers should always exercise caution when backing up, but when little ones are around, you should take extra care to check all your mirrors, look behind you, and back up slowly.

Don’t Drive Distracted

All it takes is a few seconds of taking your eyes off the road – two seconds, to be exact. Studies show that looking away for just two seconds doubles your chances of an accident. Avoid this by eliminating distractions.

Talk to Teenagers

Have a teen with a driver’s license? Impart these back-to-school driving tips to them and encourage them to drive defensively, too. It will help keep them and others safe on the road. If you need a new ride to put up with the back and forth between school and home, contact the team at Mercedes-Benz of Centerville.

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