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Consider the Ohio Donut Trail

Ohio Donut Trail

The United States is full of awesome trails with rocky outcrops and steep inclines. Ohio is no exception, but the Buckeye State offers a unique trail to those who enjoy driving. The Ohio donut trail is located in Butler County and offers travelers a sweet experience.


Featuring a dozen donut shops spanning 80 miles, the Ohio Donut Trail takes drivers through Butler County. Get behind the wheel of a comfortable car, like a Mercedes-Benz, and hit the road!

Those who plan to take on the trail can pick up a passport at any of the 12 donut shops. Visiting 11 of the 12 shops will net donut lovers a free t-shirt from the Butler County Visitors Bureau. Unique donut flavors, including S’mores and Banana Pudding, will satisfy any sweet tooth.

If you’ve never heard of the Ohio donut trail before, don’t feel bad! Founded in 2016, the trail is still relatively new, but it’s quickly becoming a hot attraction for visitors of all ages. The shops are located in northern Cincinnati, just a short drive from an airport.

Who Participates

Since its founding, the donut trail has seen the number of bakeries participating rise from nine to 12. The popular route is perfect for families who want to make unique memories. Don’t forget to grab a map at the Butler Country Visitors Bureau, and contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Centerville if you want to cruise the trail in style.

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Best Coffee Shops near Centerville, Ohio

Centerville Coffee Shops

For many people, their favorite way to spend some free time is in a coffee shops. Coffee shops are a great place to socialize, drink your favorite beverage, and enjoy some good food. Here are some of the best coffee shops near Centerville, Ohio.

  • Boston Stocker

    Located at 6177 Far Hills Ave., Boston Stocker delivers specialty brews and is a great choice for when you are looking to try something new. They also offer a delicious selection of baked goods.

  • Winans Chocolate & Coffee

    Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven. This exquisite shop was started right here in Ohio and is located at 2806 Miamisburg Centerville Rd. You can take home some handcrafted chocolates and enjoy a piece or two with a hot cup of fresh coffee.

  • Heather’s Coffee & Café

    If you are looking for a cozy spot for breakfast or lunch, be sure to stop by Heather’s. It is located at 505 S. Main St. in Springboro and features delicious food and Seven Hills Coffee.

What is your favorite coffee shop in the area? After you’ve enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, come visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Centerville and take a test drive in any of our excellent Mercedes-Benz models.

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Finding Good Eats: Top Steakhouses in Centerville

top steakhouses in Centerville

Nothing is more rewarding than a juicy steak at the end of a long week. That’s why we at Mercedes-Benz of Centerville have created a post on the top steakhouses in the Centerville area. Offering some of the finest cuisine in the region, the following locations are among our favorites.

First, check out the Oakwood Club. Established in 1962, this restaurant offers some of the best food and service around. All of the meat is carefully selected, including the certified and aged Angus beef. Seafood is flown-in to ensure freshness, while crisp herbs and other produce come from the restaurant garden. In addition to a fine wine list, the filet mignon, prime rib, and calf liver are among the top dishes.

Next, visit the Pine Club. Named one of the World’s Ten Greatest Traditional Dining Institutions in 2015 by the New York Times, the Pine Club is unrivaled. In operation since 1947, favorite dishes include shrimp and oysters, filet mignon, porterhouse, and the broiled veal chop. Mouthwatering dishes can be paired with truly exquisite wine from the wine list as well.

Two other restaurants in the area to visit are Paragon and Carvers. Paragon was created in 1978, and it has fresh cut filets and strip steaks every day. The Paragon Twin Filets are a signature dish, but you can also get pork and lamb loin, among other things. Carvers has a great lounge to relax in with friends, though you can only find some items on the full menu. The grilled Denmark Brie is a memorable appetizer, while tasty sauces pair well with any cut.

These are just some of the many great steakhouses in the area. Whether you visit one or visit them all, you’re bound to have a satisfying meal.

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